I’m always amazed how so many people, usually adults, will tolerate radical inconvenience to avoid the benefit of glasses. Most are embarrassed by reading and driving glasses while insisting their sunglasses are a must.

REALLY? And why? Exactly what is this elusion all about?

It’s my experience that many refuse the help of glasses while touting the benefits of GPS. Why is that?  For some reason the average adult cannot grasp that glasses are a tool like pliers, pocket knives, flashlights … or GPS – just because you own them doesn’t mean you must wear or even carry them constantly. Contrary to popular belief, glasses indicate nothing about eye health, are an aitch of a lot easier to don than contact lenses, and are less expensive, more amendable and safer than LASIK.  What’s wrong with something that’s simple and occasionally improves your life? Ever hear of a fire extinguisher?

I can hear it all now, “Glasses are considerably more expensive than flashlights, pliers, pocket knives, or a fire extinguisher.” That’s true, but the latter are only occasionally advantageous. Glasses are beneficial several times a day.

Let’s compare glasses to the greatest non-essentials of the 21st Century – smart phones. Rarely do I hear complaints about carrying, cleaning, fogging, daily charging and the confusing functionality of smart phones – not to mention the replacement and monthly fees adding-up to more than $600 per year. Adequate glasses are available for everyone for less than $250. If you can’t find any, let us know. We’ll make it happen. Most glasses are functional for at least three years. That’s $7/month. Heck, Zenni Optical says they deliver a completed pair, frames and lenses, for seven bucks. What are you waiting for?

And, while I’m hearing voices, I can hear another argument, “A smart phone can save my life.”

“Okay. Got no argument. Let’s run with that one.”

Most states allow people who see 20/40 to drive without any vision correction, and at 20/60 people can legally drive during daylight hours. Those who see 20/20 can see traffic and warnings signs at twice the distance of a 20/40 individual and three times sooner than a 20/60 handicap, and this isn’t even considering lighting conditions, so here’s the real story:

If you are over 45 you are starting to lose visual neuron sensitivity, less light reaches your retina, you’re losing contrast and color sensitivity, flash recovery has doubled, motion perception is compromised, and your reaction has slowed between 0.1 and 0.3 seconds. My kid can draw and spend his semi-auto Glock in 0.8.  If you’re 48 and you have a teenager, your child sees at least 33% more stars than you. If you’re 60, he sees twice as many.

For me a hat, GPS, or bird dog is never a prerequisite, but they’re derned useful at times. If a spectacle prescription has been advised for you, a pair of glasses will make life easier, work more productive and less tiresome, and you might save someone’s life, maybe even your own.  And why is it that you hate glasses? Grow up. Life ain’t perfect and neither is your eyesight.