In eyecare clarity of focus is important. It can even change our lives this time of year, or so some say.

  • I’m settling for brown brackish brine. Woke-up too late for a good cup of coffee.
  • Woke up too late to brew coffee. Thankfully my Keurig provided a pretty fair substitute.

Both paragraphs describe the same situation. Focus makes the difference.

Most of us common people say, “Christmas is about peace on earth and good will to all man.” Still, it is difficult to deny that the very name of the holiday came from the designation of “the anointed one” (it is the meaning of Christ). The etymology of the word Christmas is “Christ’s Mass” – prescribed ceremony for worshipping “the anointed one.”

Christ’s very mantra was loving, forgiving, and helping others even when they don’t deserve it, and there’s such a bunch of us, but maybe that’s peace on earth and good will toward man. A group called Christians say it is. Regardless, wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone had that spirit year ‘round.

These Christians do – meeting once a week to celebrate that very concept. Ridiculous! They praise a human, Jesus, with all the characteristics of a deity, or maybe He’s a deity with all the frailties of a human. He even died like a human under pretty shady circumstances. How absurd. They say this man speaks for a God who grants favor to such believers. This Jesus doesn’t even require special rules of goodness. If you know very many Christians, then you’re aware they’re no better than the rest of us, and many are a helluva lot worse. Some of’em say their church isn’t a mausoleum for saints, but a hospital for the immoral.

Really! You don’t have to be good to be good? Talk about losing clarity of focus.

Other religions are more sensible, requiring an accumulation of good deed points. If you’ve committed misdeeds then math becomes important. You’re okay if you can establish a higher goodness score than badness score. That just makes good sense, but not with these dizzy Christians. This nutty bunch says Jesus doesn’t use math to clear your slate before their God. I’m thinking they’re totally blind.

Now come on! All other faiths say life’s value and God’s favor is established by innocence and benevolence. Only Christians have the cojones to worship God’s Son.  What a bunch of mythomaniacs. Such a story not only makes poor fiction – it makes a worse doctrine!

Christians are all nuttier-than-fruitcakes, but still, they celebrate Christmas all year. Go figure. Obviously they’ve totally lost sight of reality.

Isn’t wonderful.



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