Business is about profit. Without it, those involved realize no pleasure. If just living expenses are met but there is no time or money for pleasure the average human’s participation will dwindle.

Yet “profit” has become a dirty word by those who feel some make too much money – the haves working at the expense of the have nots to gain a greater share of the world’s wealth. Others feel those who make big profits, frequently do by way of too many tax loopholes.

We take exception. Consuming oneself with whether others are “paying their fair share” is a selfish outlook. We admire and respect those who make money honestly, and if ambition and diligence is not the reason they outrun Family Eye Clinic in the game of business, finance and wealth, then we’ll simply delight in their good fortune.

Of course, there are those who put profit above all else – home, help, life, love, lame, lost, impoverished, illiterate, and infirmed.  So, we try to help the less fortunate. Yes, we know many of our efforts are meager. We mortals tend to overestimate our meritorious efforts, but it doesn’t permit Family Eye Clinic to dismiss such efforts as no-count. Family Eye Clinic has been dealt more good fortune than we’ve ever deserved.  Such claims always seem hollow, but such things unclaimed?? Well, you decide.


One of our current efforts:

The frame company MODO caught our attention. MODO was founded by Alessandro Lanaro in the state of New York in 1990, with offices in Milano and Stockholm. It’s becoming one of the driving forces behind the spectacle frame industry’s social conscience. Its brands are MODO, ECO, and Derek Lam, to name a few.

When you purchase a MODO frame you help a child see. The Seva Foundation partners with MODO providing nurses, doctors and hospitals to the needy in India.  

“My time in India visiting schools in underprivileged areas gave me a first-hand look at how MODO can help the children who need it most. With Seva Foundation’s partnership, our BUY A FRAME – HELP A CHILD SEE program will give the next generation in need the opportunity to succeed.”  Alessandro Lanaro, MODO CEO

Recycled and bio-based materials are used to make ECO frames, so if you choose a ECO frame you help the environment, but if you choose a MODO frame you help a child.

And, it’s not as if you choose these frames at the sacrifice of style and quality. MODO and ECO frames are well-crafted, durable and beautiful. Their engineering and styling is unique. No, not the kind of “fascinating allure” of the proverbial blind date. These brands present the incomparable charm and desirability sought by not only the businessman, stylish teen or high fashion diva; but the backwoods outdoorsman or cowpuncher who’s okay with stopping in for a micro-brew to swap lies.

Look to the MODO for a charitable piece of the twenty-first century.