Have you ever had your nose pads replaced on your eyeglasses? Should the optical facility charge for them? It’s a good question.

At Family Eye Clinic we can get nose pads for $0.10/pair – but not good silicone ones, which are the best.


Silicone breathes, so it doesn’t cause skin necrosis like PVC or plexiglass pads. Silicon pads also adhere gently to the skin, so your glasses don’t slide down so badly. A pair of good silicone pads cost $0.60 a pair, usually more. Damaging a pair in replacement is not uncommon, so on the average they’re a buck a pair.

The technician’s or the doctor’s time is $5 to $15 depending on who, how and when. If you count lights, heat, building, and tools … well. Let’s forget that. So a nice round figure is $10/pair – parts and labor.

Family Eye Clinic just doesn’t charge for such things.

Why? Well for one thing it entails involving finance – meaning the clinic manager. Good ones are worth their weight in platinum, so he or she will cost another ten bucks. There is such a thing as cutting your losses.

Further, sometimes it’s appropriate to serve those who saw fit to walk into our clinic – not another.

And, serving humanity has a certain flavor like hot chocolate on a November evening. As you are bathed by the warmth you may reflect that maybe you learned something last Sunday from the Law and the Prophets.



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